About Me

Photographer based in Basel, Switzerland.


I carry a passion for photography

  • Viktor Friesen


    Photo credit: Pino Covino

I am a photographer currently living in Basel, Switzerland.

My photographic interests are widespread. However, usually my clients request portraits for business purposes or social media profiles, so you will most often find my work published on client websites and printed media. Others simply want to please their grandparents with a family portrait.

I am dedicated to client experience, quality craftsmanship, and creating a beautiful final product that both my clients and I are proud of.

Apart from portraiture, I love doing conceptual and photographic work for websites as you can see in the customer list below.

As photography to me is not just a means to make a living, but rather a way of life, I do a lot of creative work independent of client requests. You will find such work in my portfolio under 'Freestyle'. All of my work in this category is available for purchase. If you are interested in a copy, I can provide you with a high-quality print perfectly meeting your needs regarding size and framing.

Enjoy the pictures in my portfolio and thank you for stopping by!

I would love to do what I love for you! Feel free to book me for business and personal portraits, fashion events or simply for refreshing your private or corporate website with some eye-catching pictures.


Please check out the links below and see what some of my clients do...